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How can we make cryptocurrencies behave like real currency?

It's simple. Shakti Coin


Help us Bring Blockchain-based Currency to the World.

One big obstacle is that cryptocurrencies are, well, too cryptic and impractical for day-to-day use. And a lot of that has to do with the choice of protocol. Proof-of-Work (PoW) was the protocol that started it all a decade ago. But we've all learned a lot since then. On the shoulders of giants, we began studying PoW to overcome the issues that make it impractical as a globally scalable medium of exchange. The result of that work is a new protocol called Proof-of-Effort (PoE). We like to think of it as Satoshi's Vision, Take Two.


Making Cryptocurrencies Less Cryptic

Blockchain-based currencies have the potential to change the world — if we can make them practical. Here are some of the ways our PoE protocol does this;

Money without Middlemen

Today's centralized financial institutions contribute friction and fees. There is a better way.

Heightened Security

Currency within the blockchain is protected from theft, counterfeiting or doctoring.

Protecting Your Privacy

Centralized systems pool your data, making it vulnerable to theft and abuse. Shakti's decentralized, distributed ledger avoids this risk.

No Exchange Rates

Exchange rates make moving money over borders unpredictable and costly. Not so with a global blockchain-based currency.

Faster Transactions

Blockchain-based transactions with Shakti are instant and irreversible.

Remittance Relief

Sending money can cost from 10- 20% and take forever. Shakti has instant transfers for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Small Transactions Welcome

The cost of using fiat currency make small transactions unfeasible. Blockchain supports tiny transactions with ease.

Made for Micro-Loans

Smart Shakti contracts on the blockchain make it just as easy to loan a dollar as it is a million.


How Moms, Miners, and Merchants will Change the World.

Although we're situated in Switzerland, the Shakti project is a global, grassroots effort. It depends entirely on the enthusiasm, positive energy, and cooperation of people everywhere, like you. The participation of the three groups below form the backbone of our network.



It all starts with parents who encourage active school participation. For this commitment to educating their child, they are rewarded one Shakti coin (= $5.00 US), per child, per school day plus a generous bounty for signing up early.


Miners keep things running. They are incentivized with generous genesis bonus on sign up, referral bonuses, proximity-based verification and a system where you can participate without having to invest in powerful mining rigs.


Merchants are the magic that brings the network to life. Early adopters receive a generous genesis bonus, referral bonuses, and promotion to participating parents, miners and suppliers in their region. And by accepting Shakti, they also eliminate credit card fees.



The PoE Protocol in Action




Join Us

Power in Numbers

Does changing the world seem a bit daunting to you? It did to us, especially when "we" were just one person with an idea that seemed larger than life. Today Shakti is hundreds of people around the world. But we'll need millions more if we are going to succeed. Be part of history. Participate today.