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Why Miners Love us.

It's simple. Shakti Coin


What's Not to Love?

Shakti Coin introduces an entirely new concept in cryptocurrency mining. It makes mining a cooperative effort accessible to all. By leveling the playing field, it allows all to share in the value being created in their own community.

  • No specialized equipment required
  • Proximity-based verifications
  • Generous genesis bounty
  • Fast transaction time
  • Referral bonus program

For special incentives, be sure to sign up to mine SXE coin during our Pre-Registration period. Notifications will be sent out soon and mining slots are limited, so sign up for email notifications below.

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To Mine a Shakti Coin

Unlike other digital currencies, Shakti Coin is neither mined through computational achievement nor by one individual. It is mined through human achievement in the advancement of education. It is a cooperative system where people pull together to support education in their community and stimulate their local economy in the process.

Here are the four roles required to mine a Shakti Coin:


It all starts with parents and the efforts they make to ensure that their child enjoys the benefits of an education.


Children attend school.


These are the various people who verify school attendance first hand. For every data point a verifier enters, they will be compensated once the related effort is verified.


These are the various people who have committed computing resources to verify the effort of parents and children or to verify transactions with merchants.


A Limited Number of Mining Slots will be Assigned During the Pre-Registration Phase.

The Shakti Network environment has opportunities for all. Verifications are localized. So, to start with there will be a limited number of slots available per region for miners in the pre-registration phase. We are doing this to ensure that we have a more even distribution of miners globally and so that no one region or individual entity can monopolize the network's mining.
We are also trying to ensure that each miner is able to make sufficient income to remain motivated. This means that pre-registrants will receive the most lucrative mining slots in their community from the start. To be eligible for these prime slots and for a special pre-registration bounty promotion, sign up now.

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How to Pre-Register as a Miner

No matter how you plan to participate in the Shakti Network, you will need to register and get your Shakti Wallet.



Express interest in joining the network by providing your email address below. This is important to help us gauge interest in Shakti Coin and to notify you as soon as wallets are available


Although your privacy is strictly protected inside the network, we follow KYC best practices and do not allow anonymous accounts. So the first step will be to provide your personal details.


Once your identity has been verified you will receive your Shakti Wallet. Each Wallet comes pre-loaded with a sum of Shakti Coins including your genesis bounty for signing up early.