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HOW ONE COIN WILL CHANGE THE WORLDShakti Coin Set to Make Globalization Work Better for the Middle Class

BERKELEY, Calif. (JULY 31, 2019) - For 20 years we've been told that globalization will change the world and level the playing field. Instead, in the last two decades, we have witnessed the rich get richer, and the poor become poorer.

What went wrong?

Quite simply, while technology allowed us to connect globally, the relic monetary system impeded humanity's progress. Shakti Coin, a unique crypto currency based on a Proof-of-Effort (PoE) protocol pegged to the U.S. dollar is the missing link to let the globalization prosper -- Shakti a global tool for a global economy.

With traditional currency, if you work remotely for someone in South Africa and you live in the United States, by the time you get paid - upwards of 15% is gone for exchange fees. With Shakti currency, near-zero transaction fees, and immediate transfer of value - the global economy rocks.

Reliable connectivity is essential for a global economy; the way Shakti Coins are mined and generated also contribute to the intellectual growth and success of everyone worldwide. The founders strongly believe a solid education is a way to eradicate poverty and empower an individual's success. They looked at Switzerland, a small country with a big priority on ''Education For All'' as a model for the global population to follow.

Understanding how the Shakti Coin works is easy. For every day, a child goes to school, the parents receive one Shakti Coin, which has a pronounced fixed value of $5. Verifiers receive a micropayment to verify the attendance, and the children's parents earn one Shakti Coin. Then, the Shakti Coins can be used at the growing network of businesses as a medium of exchange. In addition, participating schools can also earn micro-payments to be used on school improvements.

"In some countries, one Shakti Coin can feed a whole family for the day," said Gary, a contributing volunteer with the Swiss Shakti Foundation. "It's enough to sustain a family, but not enough to make anyone rich. Therefore the family is incentivized to keep the child attending school."

About Shakti Coin:

The Shakti Coin project is an international grassroots initiative that exists independent of any affiliation with industry, government, religion or political party. Learn more at

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